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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Favorite Scene From Book 2

The night before last I had a visit from my figurative muse in a dream. This idea was so wonderful I had to share. I wrote this scene into my book as dream from the main character, Kallisto. Keep in mind this is a part of a WIP and has yet to be edited. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

I was in a city that was flooded. All of the houses were nearly covered in water. Searching the remnants of the underwater city for something I knew I had lost, but not sure exactly what it was. Swimming all around the city seeing nothing but death and destruction, my hopes were not high that I would find anyone or anything alive. How had I survived? The buildings of the underwater city were very old looking like it was an ancient city that hadn’t been inhabited in quite some time. There were no cars, electronics, or paved streets. There were lanterns for streetlights that would have to be lit by hand. It was the strangest place I had ever seen. There were underwater creatures inhabiting the homes now, but they paid me no mind as I swam through looking.
I came upon a place where I could stand and the water was only up to my waist. I searched around the area and finally heard sloshing water. It was the sound of someone or something swimming. There was a possibility that it was just one of the creatures that took over the city after the flooding so I didn’t get my hopes up, but I still watched the area where the sound was coming from. I guess I did have some hope left.
There was a tunnel over to my left that was only partially flooded because it sat up higher than the rest of the city. The noise was coming from there so I stared at the opening intently. I saw a shadow of a human walking toward the opening. Hope welled up inside of me as I watched what looked like a man coming out. As he stepped into the moonlight my heart just about exploded as I screamed out for him. I dove back in the water and swam toward him. He stood at the mouth of the tunnel staring with a confused look on his face. It was like he didn’t know me, but I kept running to him. He smiled excitedly as I got to the tunnel and stood in the water. I ran through the water as fast as I could and jumped in his arms. He grabbed me up and started kissing me. I could taste the cool, salty water on his lips as we forced ourselves as close to each other as we could get. The passion and heat in that moment should have dried up all of the water that surrounded us. Neither of us wanted to let go, but there was a small cry and as we pulled away to look there was a child in my arms. I kissed the child’s head and looked up into Talus’ beautiful blue-green eyes. Emotions flitted across his face, confusion, shock, awe, and then finally love and acceptance. He hugged us to him like he would never let go. He kissed my head and then the head of the mystery child in my arms. This wonderful moment couldn’t have gotten any better, but it could definitely get worse… and it did.
The child disappeared from my arms and a blonde banshee appeared on top of the tunnel. I call her a banshee because of the loud, excruciatingly painful sound coming from her mouth and the glowing green eyes. Her skin looked gray and hollowed and she looked like she was dead. Talus stared up at her in fear at first and then the look changed to that of lust and he pushed out of my arms and started trying to climb the tunnel toward her. I grabbed him screaming for him to stop, tears poured down my cheeks but he was too far gone to notice. The banshee screamed again and launched herself off of the tunnel and pushed me back into the water. Talus turned to follow and I thought I saw a flicker of fear pass through his eyes as he watched me be pulled under the water. The banshee had a hold of the back of my shirt and dragged me deeper and deeper into the water. There was light toward the top of the water, but further down the water turned black, no light could penetrate the water this far down. I was released, finally, but I was so week I couldn’t move. My air had already been taken from me but it seemed that I was getting small amounts of air from somewhere. The water around me moved violently and I felt a hand grab my arm. I tried to pull away, but I felt so heavy that I couldn’t muster the strength. I was being pulled in another direction but it was so dark I couldn’t tell whether I was being pulled further down, around in a circle, or back up to the surface. I started feeling light-headed about the time I started seeing light around me again and then I realized I was being pulled back up to the surface. Joy filled my heart as I thought of the fear in Talus’ eyes. He must’ve jumped in to get me.
I hit the surface of the water and drew in a large breath, but it felt as though it was being pushed into my lungs faster than I could suck it in and I started coughing. When I opened my eyes I was in the bedroom at Gabriel’s and Gabriel, Ephiny, and Keira were all standing over me with looks of concern. Gabriel was the closest so he must’ve been where the air came from. I had another coughing fit and Gabriel sat me up in the bed. When I was finished I looked around me and realized that the bed was completely soaked and so was I. Had I really gone there?

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