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Friday, June 10, 2011

Progress Report on Editing of First Book

So far we have the first three chapters edited in my first book. It is sounding better and better with every chapter edit. My editor has had some personal things to take care of so editing has slowed down to a crawl. I was expecting Chapter four before the weekend but it didn't arrive. That's okay, my poor editor has so much on her plate I don't want to be pushy or a burden. She is going to her very first book signing this weekend and I am so excited for her. I pray that she sells lots of books and has a lot of fun. Hopefully she'll take pictures and what not so we can see what it was like. I can't wait to do something like that for my book. :D I'll be jumping for joy and doing my happy dance.
She told me that as soon as she got finished with the book signing we would buckle down to work and get it done. So it's all good, no worries. Hopefully we'll get it done by the end of June, or beginning of July so the August 1st release date will stick or be moved up to the end of July. lol We shall see.
I received the very first prize I have ever won yesterday. It was a swag pack for E.J. Stevens Spirit Guide Series, which includes the books She Smells the Dead, Spirit Storm, and the soon to be out and I cannot wait, Legend of Witchtrot Road. I'm jumping up and down for that one to come out. I loved the first two so much. My swag pack consisted of paranormal romance trading cards with the characters on them for both books, a book mark for she smells the dead with the main character Yuki on it, beautiful, two post cards, and a flip card with the covers of the first two books on it. It was a wonderful prize and I will definitely cherish it. I hope one day to have items like this for my book that others will cherish as well. :) I won a second prize that exact same day for three e-books sadly I haven't received them yet. I hope I get them soon.
I will write more later as more news comes on the book.

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