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Monday, May 2, 2011

Great News!

I just received the money to get my rights back for my first book and I have another publisher ready to make a contract up for me as soon as I have the letter in my hand! Life is good, God is great! I had a new cover for my book all ready for the new publisher, but since it was a person from the new cover that made it I'm going to get another one now that she has read and knows all about my book. She's going to add the first characters from the book onto it. I'm so excited I started bouncing up and down and shaking. :) Nothing causes the shakes more than excitement, not even nerves and fear, at least not in my case. Maybe I haven't been nervous or fearful enough to shake me as much as the excitement. lol My brain is working a thousand times faster than normal thinking about all the possibilities now. I've seen what this publisher has done with another of my author friend's work and I'm excited to see what will be done for mine. I can't contain my enjoyment right now. I just want to shout it to the mountains! :) I'm fairly sure the people at the top would be able to hear me from ground level. lol I hope every wonderful author after me has the same great experience I am right now. Even my first initial induction into being published didn't shake me as much as now, because there were too many unanswered questions that had me wondering just how wonderful or not everything would be. Now there are no questions because I have seen their work first hand and have been thoroughly impressed by all of it. So here's to a new and excited experience... Cheers! I don't drink so we'll have to use grape juice and pretend. lol

God Bless,

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